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The Beaufort Seventh-day Adventist Church has not had their own church home for several years since selling their property on Laurel Bay Road. Recently, the church has experienced a miraculous series of God’s blessings which lead to the purchase of the Salem Village Shopping Center in January 2011.
“What is so incredible about this property is that we have enough space to have our weekly worship service and prayer meetings AND more space available to house community service organizations. Too many church buildings cost millions of dollars to construct only to be utilized 2-3 times a week. And unfortunately, many times when the building is used it is typically for the benefits of the church’s membership. This property at Salem Village has the potential to be a mission outpost and bless the community 7 days a week. We are renovating what was secular to use it for sacred purposes” says Pastor Jason Belyeu.
Currently, the church’s members are giving sacrificially to ensure that the renovations to Salem Village can be paid so the building mortgage will not compromise the church’s mission to be a blessing to the community. The church is also looking for community service organizations/ministries that can take advantage of the spaces that the church will not immediately use for worship.
If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to assist the Beaufort SDA Church in making the Salem Village Shopping center their new church home, please mail a check payable to “Beaufort SDA Church” with the Memo line marked “Building Fund” and mail to:
Beaufort SDA Church
PO Box 187
Beaufort SC   29901-0187